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Best Kubota Tractor with Backhoe for Sale


Hills District Kubota. is a leading dealer in providing the flagship tractor portfolio of Kubota. We offer brand-new Kubota tractors for sale. We also deal in providing the Kubota tractor accessories and Kubota tractor parts as a part of our friendly after-sales service.

We offer the following varieties of the tractors as per the diverse need of our wide customer base:

BX Series
The Kubota BX series offers a Kubota sub compact tractor, sometimes referred to as a Kubota mini tractor. With outstanding power, versatility, and comfort. Available with various attachment, including front end loaders, mower decks and even a Kubota backhoe just to name a few.

B Series
This is Kubota’s compact range of mini tractors. With a huge variety of implements and attachments available. You can make these tractors perform most tasks. Nursery, farms, grounds maintenance, acreage control.

L Series
The L Series tractor range offers powerful performance an excellent versatility. Available in all applications with a matching front loader, backhoe and a range of attachments.

M Series
The economical M-series tractor is simple to operate but incredibly powerful, and ideal for a wide range of uses from maintenance to commercial landscaping and farming.

If you are interested in buying a tractor, look at our wide range of Kubota tractors for sale. We are Sydney Kubota

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