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Diesel Tanks

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The diesel fuel tank is a protected container made especially for the temporary storage of diesel.. Diesel has a few robust properties which is why it needs to be stored with the appropriate fuel tank. There are many diesel fuel tanks on the market having both single as well as multi-functional treatments to assure fuel suppliers that they can use it legally. Some of it needs to work with the fact that diesel is a heavier fuel compared to others and so it is more prone to going off-spec.

Few things to know about Diesel fuel tanks –

There are few things which you need to know about diesel fuel tanks

  • Available in different types and shapes – There are various types and shapes of fuel tanks. Different shapes and sizes available to accommodate most situations.
  • Have the capacity to store – The fuel tanks are available in different holding capacities. They can be closed to prevent contamination by various foreign objects.
  • Supply emergency power – Diesel fuel tanks are normally useful for supplying emergency fuel for industrial, commercial, educational, and medical services. They are useful at power plants to offer standby power and black start capability plus commonly required on constructions sites.

Few tips to maintain diesel fuel in storage tanks!

Here are some tips to help maintain the quality and cleanliness of diesel while storing in the tank being ready for transfer.

  • Use piping and hoses which are particularly made for use with diesel fuel
  • Check out the pumps which make the movement of the fuel for damage, as they are the door for particles to enter the diesel
  • Also, make sure the nozzle properly enters the tank of the equipment seal and is perfectly cleaned and maintained.
  • Performs preventive maintenance on all types of equipment.
  • Analyse and replace any worn or broken parts including seals, filters gaskets, and caps.

Storing Diesel; fuel for concern –

  • Suitable for both flammable or combustible liquid – Storage requirements for diesel fuel tanks.  Keep storage tanks in a safe place out of direct sunlight when not in use. The fuel flash point is the minimum temperature at which the fuel can ignite in the presence of a source of ignition.

Range – The flash point of diesel fuel ranges between 52.2°C and 115.6°C. Thus, diesel fuel is combustible fuel.

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