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Liquid Transport Tanks

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Trans Tank International

Trans tank International, is a company specializing in spraying and liquid transfer solutions. We offer diesel tanks, cartage tanks, and firefighting tanks and a huge range of spray applicators. Our stock also includes different agriculture products with a competitive price point to ensure versatility and value for money.

A few things to know about TTi – 

Trans Tank International

  • Bulk fuel supply and transport – Trans tank international was established to ISO container dimensions for allowing simplified transportation and shipping in three ways – sea, rail, or road.
  • An emergency supply of fuel – TTI products can be deployed faster to natural disaster sites, construction sites, for the assistance of refuelling machinery.
  •  Entire fuelling station – For fleet refuelling : these tanks can be a perfect fit to become entire fuel management and dispensing systems.

Introduction to Trans Tank International

Trans Tank International began operations in 1999. They are a passionate family-owned business aiming on offering quality rotationally moulded products for agricultural, contractor, and civil markets. They have a wide range of diesel and water cartage tanks with various sizes suitable for all applications.

They also supply an extensive range of firefighter tanks which includes trailed and slip-on units, that are so popular with contractors and farmers. Trans Tank International develops a number of dust suppression units that come in either a slip-on configuration or a chassis mount build that enables a standard dump truck to be transformed to a water cart in a few minutes.

Safety is the main concern in their design. So you can rely on TTI to allow you to work efficiently and safely for all uses and in all conditions.

Uses for Trans tank international – 

There are many uses for Trans Tank International-

  • Water transportation – TTI moulds the safest and extensive range of transportable tanks in the nation. It is safe in design, meaning it makes your liquid load on the road safe.
  • Refuel your equipment – Trans Tank International has a role in moving equipment; we ensure the ability and reliability of the diesel products that rely on it. Time is money for everyone, and both can be lost or saved depending on your equipment and proper procedure. So, we have made sure that we offer you only the best for your refuelling requirements. When fuel runs out, TTI tanks run in. Millions of diesel litres are transferred and transported for civil operations and construction sites each year.
  • Waters tree – Per day contracts are awarded to landscapers, civil contractors, and others to plant and maintain thousands of trees around cities and other urban areas. This includes residences. Our tanks allow these workers to do this efficiently and earn an income by providing a remote water supply.
  • Controlling of dust – We offer quality tanks that can be fitted with wide area spray applicators.
  • Spray weeds – Trans tank international has a huge range of weed spray solutions.
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