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Water Cartage Tanks

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Water cartage tanks: what you need

Water cartage tanks are manufactured in a wide range of models. If you are looking for a water tank, capacity must be considered first.

Our collection of water cartage available include – 

  • Water cartage tanks
  • Trailer packages
  • Compact packages
  • Skid mounted packages

For most trucks and trailers, transporting water has never been easy. TTI water cartage tanks have proven to be a solid solution for most liquid transfer needs. Excellent design and a range of capacities offer good value over a broad range of applications.

It includes features like –

  • 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200 and 3000 litres. And many more…
  • Moulded internal baffles with vehicle stability
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Tough though durable piece moulding
  • Heavy-duty 600 to 2000 litre skid packages
  • Compact packages in the range of 200 to 800 litres available to water tree, put out fire, and much more.

Just a few reasons you need water cartage tanks on your farm – 

Water tanks are packed with some great features like –

  • One-piece guarantee
  • Sidewalls ribbed
  • Huge integrity of the structure
  • Self-support
  • No other internal frames or poles
  • No vertical side
  • Tanks won’t get crack or split
  • For safe water drinking

Not all tanks are the same. Our water cartage tanks provide high quality and value. Our tanks are moulded in one-piece construction and are transported in one piece – ensuring that you receive a stronger tank and cleaner tank.

Water tanks have ribbed sidewalls for additional strength providing extra support on the tank sides whenever full. It is manufactured from food grade materials and it meets all the Australian standards for storage of food and water. Our water cartage tanks have a complete self-supporting roof. A few tank manufacturers have frames or poles in the bigger tanks for holding the roof. This pole pushes from the top of the tank and even at the bottom, which can allow for vermin entry. With TTI tanks, you don’t need to worry about this happening.

Other tanks may not be one piece moulded. This can compromise the tank, creating cracks or splits. With our seamlessly one piece moulded design, we eliminate the joint lines for the greatest efficiency and durability.

What things should you look out for when choosing a water cartage tank?

There are several pros and cons that arise from water cartage tanks, depending on the application you are after. To find the perfection application, there are few questions you need answered.

  • Know about the application – Due to high chemical resistance, water cartage tanks are perfectly suited to store water. Thus, cartage tanks are built for meeting the needs of transportation and going through tough operating situations. Design and wall thickness does not lend itself to be the most economical option for storage, but it is a specialised solution for a difficult problem.
  • Check the ability of cartage – Water tanks must be highly chemically resistant and non-corrosive. Fertiliser and molasses tanks are heavy compared to standard cartage tanks as walls must be thicker.
  • Ability to store – Water cartage tanks are built from food grade materials and thus safe to cart portable drinkable water. These tanks have a coating to meet the Australian standards to store water. Light entry, due to thinner and lighter tanks, permits the growth of algae. This coating provides a preventive measure against this.
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