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Weed Spraying Equipment

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Advanced Weed Sprayer in Australia

Agriculture is a job that requires a lot of attention to detail. A little mismanagement and recklessness may lead to a grave impact on the product and thus expectant returns. It is essential to give the utmost attention to each and every aspect of the same. Weed control is one such vital element that has a grave impact on the produce quality and quantity as well. It is important to give weed control considerable attention and opt for the latest developments such as a trailing weed sprayer to limit the growth of weeds.

Hills District Machinery brings to you a wide range of professional weed sprayers that are ergonomically designed to meet the varied needs of our customers. Our weed sprayers are very flexible and easy to use. Anyone with limited technical knowledge can easily use our weed sprayer to get the desired outcome.


Here are some advantages of using a weed sprayer

  1. Cost-Effective: Electric weed sprayer and trailing weed sprayers are very cost-effective as compared to gas weed sprayers. It usually consists of a unit which includes a pump and a tank with an electrical fitting.12V for example. These kinds of weed sprayers are simple to use and give great results.
  2. Compact and Sleek: Modern and contemporary trailing weed sprayers can be stored easily as their size allows for small spaces. The weed sprayer can easily be accommodated in whatever little space you have.
  3. Low Maintenance: Since a weed sprayer comes with only minimal assembly i.e, a pump and tank, the maintenance cost of the same is also minimal. A weed sprayer has very few moving parts and can work efficiently for many years. Just an occasional inspection can help you retain the efficacy of your sprayer. Weed sprayers also have limited and simple plumbing. They are extremely easy to use.
  4. A Greener Option: 12V Weed sprayers are a greener option as it does not involve any gas to use. It only requires a 12v battery to operate. A weed sprayer is ideal for those agriculturists who prefer environmentally friendly equipment and techniques.
  5. Makes Less Noise: 12v Weed Sprayers do not make much noise; Great for use if you do not like disturbing the neighbours.

Optimum performance guaranteed

Our weed sprayers are made by experts in their field and are sure to offer excellent spraying solutions. Our weed sprayers are the ideal equipment to ensure weed control and help improve your produce. Now get the desired results, control the weed growth in your farm with some of the best trailing weed sprayers or non-trailing weed sprayers from Hills District Machinery

Call us on (02) 9651 1896 for any assistance you require.

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