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Ride-On Mowers

Hills District Machinery (HDM) is a dedicated dealer in the field of equipment and support for gardening and agriculture. We offer the elegant product Redmax and Kubota ride on mowers for sale for our customers.


The RedMax driving mowers have been designed and developed as per the needs of the property owners. They cut grass quickly, effectively and satisfactorily. You can mow the corners through the turf with speed. Above all, you will appreciate clean, perfect picture lawn. These tough riders are designed for high performance, with reliable Kawasaki engines and extremely durable steel decks. Don't get second best–just speed up with RedMax.


The specifications of our Kubota ride on mowers for sale are:


The GR Series is diesel powered fuel efficient and reliable and is ideal for residential operators who need a mower to deal with tough going traction conditions. This unit is 4WD capable.
Ride on Kubota mowers are designed to combine manoeuvrability and power for homeowners and traders.


The GR Series makes light working from tight corners and rough terrain as it incorporates

  • Glide Steering technology
  • Powerful 3- Cylinder diesel engines – 4WD

The technical specifications of our product are:

  • Robust 21HP 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • Easy-to-use torque rise
  • Low-maintenance HST transmission

Our product offers many of the benefits to the users:

  • Reliable service for years
  • Smooth driving experience
  • Smooth surface with excellent traction
  • Sharp turning without damaging turf
  • Cheaper prices than other Tractor Suppliers

Enjoy the ride with simple ergonomic controls, soft-touch power control, plenty of legroom and a padded suspension seat, which is adapted to weight.

Our company is qualified and efficient as one of Australia's largest supplier of Kubota ride on mowers for sale. In order to maximise productivity and less trouble, use our services. We are Sydney Kubota



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